Kuala Namu Airport Medan

Finally! Our new airport is operational. It’s been starting 2 days ago. It’s not located in the center of the city anymore like the previous Polonia Airport (which is about 15 minutes away from my humble abode). It’s now located at another district, Deli Serdang, about 1 hour from the city center (about 45 minutes from my current resident due to the closer toll gate).

To most people, it’s a new hassle. Usually us, the Medanese would take our sweet time to go to the airport not worrying about the traffic at all. But it seems that will no longer be the case.

The new airport named after the burbs of the district, Kuala Namu International Airport, which apparently was an old vast plantation area. The airport is operational now, but sad to say that not everything is running to its full function. Here is the Wiki;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuala_Namu_International_Airport

Some parts of the building were not installed properly and little details to make it a perfectly operation airport were still incomplete.

But, still it’s the pride of Medan! Let see what we got!

The toll gate, the one closest to my place

We decided to pay a visit. Myself, Colin, Fenn and our transport provider Alun (who was kind enough to offer us a ride there since it was our first time exploring that area). The new airport could be reached by public train too from the city center, but this time we decided we need to study the road to the airport.

The vast area we passed through on the way there

I think it was the old plantation area

On the way to the airport, we saw the train that take passengers to-forth the airport

Tadah! We are reaching

To our surprises, so many visitors to come and admire the new place.

The entrance was flooded by so many visitors, even the cop was too curious to snap some pics

Seriously, the whole place felt touristy! Even to the cop on duty :)

Here are my partners in crime

One of the parts that were not ready

Let’s continue

The arrival hall, similar to KLIA

No kidding, second day and it’s already so crowded

nice, huh?

departure hall

There were shops and cafes that are not operational yet

yours truly at Kuala Namu International Airport

We then walk to the Airport Rail Link section, train to the city

Will be fully functional/grand opening on Sept, ARL (airport rail link)

the rail link ticket vending machine

Ticket vending machine, with ATM/Credit card payment processor

It’s functional :)

Or just purchase the ARL ticket off the counters

Well, if traveling without many luggage, then taking train (ARL to the airport) could be very convenient and cheap ($ 8 usd on average), but what if you are traveling in pack with many things to carry? or you are from outstation and driving your own car is not an option?

Of course there will be taxi cab or big bus. But one of my friend, a trusted one has started this rental/chauffeur service. He has got 3 private comfortable cars running. He is not only serving Medan – Kuala Namu, but also any outstation- Kuala Namu trip. Totally made trip to airport easier, cheaper and at the comfort of own vehicles. He got Honda CRV, Toyota Innova, and Toyota Avanza for the shuttle service. My friend is a trustworthy guy, do call him if you need the shuttle service. His name is Dedy, +62819668289  for booking (Medan Rental/Airport Shuttle/Private Taxi) or 23BB0F28 (two three B B zero F two eight for blackberry messenger). Mention: Mothde or Ihavenofang recommendation, he will give you good price for sure.
Or can call 085260503081 ,061-77028553

Yesterday had been a great day for us to take some time off to see the new airport and to learn the roads. And to document the historic moment of our very own new international airport, at the same time I hope my buddy Dedy will have his service promoted through my blog. Cheers…..

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